Our Facility

The First Tee of Augusta was established in 2001 as a junior golf and life skills learning center.  The Facility is staffed by a PGA Class A Professional, certified First Tee Coaches, additional staff and trained volunteers.  The facility is located on 40 acres and offers a beautiful 6-hole golf course, a driving range, chipping green, full service golf shop and a snack bar. The First Tee of Augusta welcomes public play, corporate outings, team building outings, clinics and tournaments, especially on weekdays when our youth participants are in school.

our Chapter Culture

The First Tee of Augusta has a great chapter culture based on R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P.S.

  • Relational Approach – We want to build relationships with our students because we care about them.
  • Encouragement – Sometimes students don’t receive very much encouragement.  We want The First Tee of Augusta to be a place where students are encouraged.
  • Laughter and Celebration – We want students to have fun!  We want The First Tee of Augusta to be a place where students can laugh and celebrate their accomplishments.
  • Acceptance – If we want to reach students, we must accept them.  We value acceptance and want everyone to feel accepted at The First Tee of Augusta.  Because of that, we spend a significant amount of time trying to make students feel welcome at The First Tee of Augusta.  We won’t turn our backs on students when they struggle; struggle can be a sign of growth.  Acceptance doesn’t say “Where have you been?”  It says, “Welcome back!”
  • Transparency – We value honesty.  We want our leadership to be real with students.  “You can’t kid a kid” constantly reminds us that kids can easily spot a fake. We want to be models for our students.
  • Involvement of Students – We don’t just want students to just attend our programs; we want them to be involved.  We want students to participate rather than spectate.
  • Outreach – We place high value on reaching out.  We want our leaders to be passionate about our mission.
  • Numerical Growth – Numerical growth is not our only value.  We are much more interested in a quality program than numbers.  However, we realize that numerical growth may also signify that we are meeting needs and fulfilling our mission.
  • Skill Development – We want to make sure that all students of The First Tee of Augusta to grow in their knowledge of life and golf skills.  Although we have a process for skill development, we don’t expect everyone to develop at the same pace.
  • Home-like Feeling – We want students to feel at home at The First Tee of Augusta, so we work on developing a family atmosphere.  We want our leadership to reflect the value that students belong.  We want to know students by name and show we care for them.  No matter how big The First Tee of Augusta gets, we want our students to feel at home.
  • Intimacy – We want to grow larger and smaller at the same time.  We want to grow larger so that other youth in the community can benefit from The First Tee program while encouraging students to get to know and develop relationships with their peers in the program.
  • Professionalism – We want the community to take The First Tee of Augusta seriously.  We don’t want to be perceived as a “country club for kids”.  We know that we are a quality community resource for youth.  Besides that, respect often precedes resources.  If the community senses a professional atmosphere and respects us, they are more likely to get involved with their time and resources.  If potential supporters see that we know what we are doing, they are more likely to offer financial support to advance our mission.
  • Strategic Follow-up – If we say we want to be home-like, then we had better know where our students are.  We need to follow up and keep in touch with our students.